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National NewsFeds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes in Calendar 2018 National News Feb 14
National NewsFlorida Gun Show sees 'record number' of attendees amid gun control debate National News Feb 26
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National NewsJamie Lee Curtis admits jumping the gun about Kentucky student in viral confrontation with Native American National News Jan 22
National NewsJeff Bezos Protests the Invasion of His Privacy, as Amazon Builds a Sprawling Surveillance State for Everyone Else National News Feb 09
Judge gives Sears another chance, OKs $5.2B plan National News Feb 08
Judge Jeanine Pirro Meets CEO of MyZipMail National News Sep 12
National NewsJury takes down El Chapo; Cartel leader heading underground for life National News Feb 13
Lawyer Names Those to Be Sued for Comments About Covington Students National News Jan 29
National NewsMcCabe details central role in Russia probes, DOJ meetings on whether to oust president National News Feb 14
National NewsMigrants scale Arizona border wall, more than 100 gang members from El Salvador caught since October: Sources National News Jan 24
National NewsNational Sentinel: William Barr’s first duty as our new AG must be to charge McCabe and Co. with treason National News Feb 15
Native American Who Confronted High School Students Has Violent Criminal Record, Escaped From Jail National News Jan 24
National NewsNew Life for Steel Plant Perks Up Depressed Illinois Town, Workforce National News Mar 11
National NewsOpposition launches protests to oust Maduro as U.S.-Venezuela tensions rise National News Jan 23
National NewsPanera Bread’s ‘pay what you can’ socialist program ends in abject failure as freeloaders cause stores to go broke National News Feb 07
National NewsPence slams BuzzFeed 'obsession,' decries 'disappointing' Pelosi rejection of Trump border funding compromise National News Jan 20
National NewsPolar vortex plunge to bring 'brutally cold' air to Midwest with 'life threatening wind chills' National News Jan 27
National NewsRecord profits put new bull’s-eye on tech giants National News Feb 05
National NewsRobin Roberts says cops felt Jussie Smollett was credible at time of interview National News Feb 18