Become a Citizen Reporter For MyZipMail

Now more than ever we need citizen reporters with integrity. 

Do something now to contribute to a stronger society.

We will train you, and give you access to report in the areas you'd like to cover such as your city, county, state, or the entire U.S.A. 

Get a press pass to get into special events. 

Share in Ad revenue.

Become Famous

Change the World

Register your MyZipMail account NOW! 

Be sure to include your phone number where we can reach you.  Then send us a ZipMail to alias PostalFree and tell us why you want to be a reporter and what areas you are interested in covering.


To qualify as a Citizen Reporter, you must:

1. Register on MyZipMail (include you address and phone number).

2. Send us a ZipMail (to alias PostalFree) telling us why you want to do this.

3. Make a Donation ($25 recommended) to MyZipMail. This helps us cover our processing and Press Pass cost).

We will send you your Press Pass in the U.S. Mail, and then give you access to the desired territory.


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