Ana Kournikova, and other celebrities born on June 7th.

Famous people born on June 7th.

Movie director James Ivory is 93.

Actor Virginia McKenna is 90.

Singer Tom Jones is 81.

Poet Nikki Giovanni is 78.

Former talk show host Jenny Jones is 75.

Actor Liam Neeson is 69.

Actor Colleen Camp is 68.

Author Louise Erdrich is 67.

Actor William Forsythe is 66.

Latin pop singer Juan Luis Guerra is 64.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is 62.

Rock musician Dave Navarro is 54.

TV personality Bear Grylls is 47.

Actor Adrienne Frantz is 43.

Actor-comedian Bill Hader is 43.

Former tennis player Anna Kournikova is 40.

Rapper Iggy Azalea is 31.

Actor/model Emily Ratajkowski is 30.

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