Hints from Heloise: Holiday drawing at kids’ table

Dear Heloise >> With the holidays upon us, I love having a big dinner at my home for my family and friends. We have the adult’s table and the children’s table. For the children’s table, I cover it with thick white paper that comes on a roll and tape it down under the edges of the table. Then, I get out crayons, colored pencils and markers. Last year, I told them to draw the stable where Jesus was born and the Three Wise Men, along with Mary and Joseph.  One of the very young kids got a little confused and drew three pilgrims, one of which was presenting Mary and Joseph with a baked turkey. Still, it kept them busy and out of the kitchen while dinner was being prepared.

— Mavis H., Seneca Falls, New York

Dear Mavis >> That is a great idea for the children. I had one reader write and tell me that she does something very similar but on blank place mats. Either way, most children enjoy being creative.

Dear Heloise >> In my family, we have 11 grandchildren, and with the coming holidays in December, I like to get a head start on shopping for my grandchildren. I don’t buy for the adults, but I really enjoy shopping for the kids.

To make sure it’s affordable for me, I actually start shopping in July. I’ll see something (usually on sale), think of one of the kids and know that one of the children would enjoy that item as a gift. I purchase the item and put a child’s name in the box or bag to remind me of who gets what. When the holidays get here, I have a nice gift for each child, and the expense was spread out so that it wasn’t a big shock financially at the end of the year.

— Rose W., Ironwood, Michigan

Dear Heloise >> I love to use wooden spoons and other utensils when I’m cooking. I guess it’s because we used wooden kitchen bowls and spoons so often when I was growing up. To clean them, never place them in a dishwasher. Use hot water and a little salt and scrub witha microfi ber cloth. Rinse well.

Afterward, you might want to give the wooden items a soak in hydrogen peroxide for about20 minutes. This step does NOT have to be done every time you use something wooden but try to do it about once a month. Then, heavily coat the wooden items in mineral oil. Some folks swear by olive oil instead, but I use mineral oil and let the items soak it in overnight.  In the morning, just wipe off the excess oil. Once in a while, buy yourself a few new wooden kitchen tools.

— Lorrain P., El Paso, Texas

Dear Heloise >> My favorite coffee cup was stained, so I mixed together a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and salt, and made a paste out of it. Then, I took a small section of a paper towel, covered the inside of the cup and let it sit for two hours. I then scrubbed the cup with the paste, and it came out sparkling clean.

— Casey L., Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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