Hints from Heloise: How to use all the toothpaste

Dear Heloise >> I read your daily hints in the Lima News, and occasionally, people suggest cutting open toothpaste tubes to get every little bit out of the tube. That can be messy, and really is not necessary. When the toothpaste tube is near the end, all you need is something flat, like the back of a comb. Lay the tube of toothpaste down on a flat surface, take the comb, press down on the bottom of the tube and drag it to the top using pressure. This will push every last drop of the toothpaste out of the tube. Thank you for all of your handy hints and tips. I look forward to reading them every day!

— Ken Drexler, Wapakoneta, Ohio

Dear Heloise >> In response to the lady in Moreno, California, that reuses plastic newspaper sleeves for dog droppings and packing material. Several years ago, my carriertold me that they have to buy the sleeves from the newspaper. After that, I began saving mysleeves for her to reuse. I have since returned hundreds of sleeves, saving her many dollars.Every morning, she will go up my driveway to leave my paper on the front porch. Onoccasion, I will leave her a thank you note with a gift card to Dunkin Donuts or McDonald’s.I enjoy reading your column in the Lima News.

— Jack Bevilockway, Lima, Ohio

Dear Heloise >> Years ago, I always went to the auto repair shop in a dress or skirt with heels after work. My car bills were always high, regardless of the problem. Even as a college graduate, my salary was low, and I was a single mom at the time. Since then, I’ve been giventhis advice: “Dress down when going to the shop so they don’t think you’re rich, and theywill charge you less. But, dress up to go to a medical specialist.” (They will explain things toyou more in-depth because you will appear more educated!) Appearance does matter.

— Ann Reynolds

Dear Heloise >> ‘Tis the season to change the batteries in our fire alarms. However, it is not easy if you are a senior or have a disability. Climbing up in a ladder, trying to read the small print on how to open it, then trying to dislodge and replace the batteries is quite daunting. Ican certainly understand why batteries aren’t replaced or devices don’t get updated.  Manufacturers, there must be a better way. Please make it so.

— P.K., Springfield, Illinois

Dear Heloise >> Some people may not know that many natural fabrics (cotton, linen, wool) will stretch a bit if pulled on the bias or diagonally. Using that knowledge can make changing fitted bottom sheets on a mattress easier. Place it on one corner and then the opposite bottom corner. Then, place it on the other bottom corner and then the remaining top corner. The sheet will stretch just enough to ease onto the mattress without a struggle.

— Louisa S.

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