Hints from Heloise: Non-voter wishes to be informed

Dear Heloise >> I would like to comment on the recent Sound Off about voting or, to be exact, the lack of voting. I am an intelligent 80-year-old lady who rarely votes. The reasons are: Not understanding what I am voting for. (And I suspect that’s the reason many folks don’t vote.) With thousands of television commercials, all we hear and see is one side. It’s the side paying for the commercial. I have long wished for a TV show conducted by a 100% impartial person explaining exactly what happens if we vote “yes” on a proposition. That qualified person can also explain the qualifications of the people running for office. All we hear is badmouthing. If we know exactly what we’re voting for, perhaps more people would vote.

— Raelyn M., Gardenia

Dear Raelyn >> If you want more information on various topics that concern our nation, or your state in particular, all you have to do is call or email your state headquarters for the Republican and/or Democratic party and request information on the topics that confuse you. It’s not up to the TV stations to educate us on topics that will impact our lives; rather, it’s up to us to do some digging.

Debates between candidates are held on television, and it’s important to listen to the speakers. Then, you can decide for yourself if you believe the candidate is truthful or not.  Does the candidate have solutions to our pressing issues or just a lot of vague promises?

Voting is a duty and a privilege that we abuse when we aren’t well-informed or don’t vote, because it’s up to each of us to become informed. We need to make the effort to educate ourselves. This is your country, your home and your chance to make a difference for democracy. Please don’t treat it lightly.

Here are some uses for plastic laundry baskets you can buy at a dollar store:

• Keep one in the trunk of your car to carry packages.

• Tie two together (one facing up and one facing down) to use as an emergency pet carrier.

• Use it as an open toy chest for your toddler.

• Fill it with items a college kid needs for their four years at school, or with gift items for a baby shower.

Dear Heloise >> Why doesn’t the funeral home place the address and zip code of the church when someone passes away? That way, we could send cards and flowers directly to the church.

— Lana R., Lima, Ohio

Dear Lana >> All cards and flowers should be sent to the funeral home, not the church. After the burial, you can send a card to the family at their home letting them know how much you miss the deceased and telling them the impact they had on your life.

Dear Readers >> With winter weather on its way, be sure to bring your pets inside, especially on very cold days and nights. Animals do get cold and often die because they were left out in the cold.

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