Hints from Heloise: Peel off those pesky price tags

Dear Heloise >> I know you’re a proponent of vinegar’s many uses. I discovered another yesterday: Spray vinegar onto price tags that are stuck on glass or ceramics. Let it sit for a while, then scrape off. My fingernails are thrilled! No more scrape, scrape, scraping! Cheers.

— Denise Richter, in San Antonio

Dear Heloise >> Our ground coffee became stale once half the bag was gone. My ears could not take a loud bean grinder, so this solution works well for us: I keep the ground beans in the freezer, and before bedtime, I get the coffee ready to be turned on in the morning by my husband. Now our coffee tastes fresh!

P.S. Thanks for your hints. I read them every day in our Houston Chronicle.

— Sue Kaestner, in Houston

Dear Heloise >> Your column on plastic pollution had some good ideas, but it missed an important one: If we stop buying plastic, manufacturers will stop producing it.

Most of what I purchase can be found in cardboard, glass or metal. I refuse to take plastic bags or food containers. It means I have to plan ahead and remember to take cloth bags or alternative containers. Plus, metal water bottles actually keep ice water colder for longer.

— Ann’s Thoughts

Dear Heloise >> We have a problem with flies coming into the kitchen. They appreciate any food that is out and even socialize with us by landing on our arms or clothing. But they are very quick to fly away with any movement. I found that if the fly is on a flat surface, it is possible to sneak up carefully from the back and drop a round metal dome-shaped cover (like a strainer) over it.

Then, I take a manila folder, slide it underneath and release it outside. Bye, bye, fly!

— M. Pearson

Dear Readers >> Plan ahead for car emergencies. As we know, they can happen at any moment, so take a few preventive measures to be prepared just in case. Maintain your car and monitor the tires to be sure they are properly inflated. Examine the windshield wipers to make sure they are in good condition. Keep your gas tank full. Place an envelope in the glovebox that’s marked “In Case of an Accident” with the name and phone number of a person to notify. Store blankets, flares, flashlights and a first-aid kit in the trunk of your vehicle.

Dear Heloise >> I used to have such a difficult time getting all my eye makeup off at night until I tried the method used by my best friend. She told me to take a flat, round makeup pad, squeeze a little baby shampoo on it and then run some water on the pad to gently wash my eye makeup off.

It worked beautifully, and there was no stinging from the baby shampoo. It took off all that black eyeliner and mascara without drying out my skin or forcing me to keep rubbing my skin.

— T.P., in Ohio

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