Hints from Heloise: Saving on the heating bill

Dear Heloise >> To save energy in this record-setting inflation, I taped an opened black plastic trash bag to my white house door that faces the southern exposure. Now, instead of a blast of cold air coming into the house when I open the door, hot air from the black plastic bag attracting the sun, and trapped by the storm door, rushes in and saves me money.

When I shower, I plug the drain so that I stand in warm water. I let the water sit until it is cold before draining it, thus heating my house and adding to the humidity for a healthier environment.

I take the meat I plan to use for the next day’s meal and place it in my fridge in a bowl so the liquids do not drip. The frozen item cools my fridge so it does not run as often. If I were to have set the frozen item in the sink, it would work against my furnace. Thus, this method saves me twice.

— Dale, Dayton, Ohio

Dear Heloise >> To the lady from Gardenia, California, who complained about receiving so many calendars from various charities, please suggest to her that any calendars or greeting cards she receives, she should consider donating to her local senior center or nursing home. I also get many more of these items than I can use, so I donate them to my local nursing home, and they really do appreciate it.

— A Reader in San Antonio

Dear Heloise >> May I weigh in on the conversation about leaving toilet lids up or down?  Our cat had decided to boycott her litter box. Our veterinarian said he once had the same problem. He used a blacklight to search the house for organic material (to find where his cat had been soiling).

On a whim, he took it into a bathroom and was horrified to see the walls adjacent to the toilet bowl light up! Droplets can spray up to 6 feet on a fl ush. We have kept our seat covers down ever since!

— Paulene Krumhauer, Camarillo

Dear Heloise >> Just wanted to give a bit of advice in response to the reader who touches her toes daily as a sign of good health.

Exercises in which you bend forward at the waist, such as touching your toes, can increase your risk of compression fractures if you have low bone density, osteopenia or osteoporosis.

We may experience bone loss as we age, so bend those knees when touching your toes.  Love your column.

— Susie, Los Angeles

Dear Heloise >> Since I also have a problem swallowing pills, I have followed the many suggestions about it in this column. Then, I went to a specialist, and she suggested applesauce.

It works! On a teaspoon full of apple sauce, put the pill on top, and you don’t even taste the pill.

— D. Daspit

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