Hints from Heloise: Tips for your morning coffee

DEAR HELOISE >> Before I go to bed at night, I clean out the coffee pot, put in a new filter and fill with my favorite brand of coffee. Then I pour the right amount of water. In the morning I just press the button and the coffee starts brewing while I shower. It’s just easier and quicker to not fuss with making coffee in the morning. This way, I can enjoy my coffee while I get dressed.

— Thomas E., Wake Forest, North Carolina

DEAR HELOISE >> I made way too many boiled potatoes one evening and had some left over. The next morning, I cubed the potatoes and added half of an onion, finely chopped. Then I took five eggs, mixed them together in a bowl and poured it over the potatoes and onions, and stirred.

Not only was it a very tasty breakfast, but a healthy one as well.

— Lola W., Ketchum, Idaho

DEAR HELOISE >> My husband bought too many hot dog buns for our Fourth of July cookout, so I froze the ones that were leftover. When I made chili last night, I took out a few of the hot dog buns, buttered them and added a light sprinkling of garlic powder. Then I put them under the broiler until they were warm and brown around the edges. They tasted great!

— Meg K., Tucson, Arizona

DEAR READERS>> I’m frequently asked how to make desserts and other foods healthier. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has some wonderful suggestions to reduce the amount of salt, sugar and fat, and here they are:

• When you’re making homemade bread, use some whole-wheat flour in your recipe, and less salt, sugar and fat.

• When making pudding from a mix, use low-fat milk.

• If you’re making an apple crisp topping, use rolled oats instead of flour, and you’ll increase your daily intake of fiber. Use half the amount of sugar and fat called for in the recipe.

• Making oatmeal-raisin cookies? Use less sugar and less fat, but increase the number of raisins to boost the flavor and sweetness.

• When making pies, try a heavy crumb topping made from oatmeal, and you’ll lower the calories a little and increase the fiber. Make your crust with whole-wheat flour.

DEAR HELOISE >> This morning I found a large roach in my kitchen. I pride myself on having a clean house, and having roaches just won’t do! How do I kill these creatures without harming my dog?

— Cindy S., Honolulu, Hawaii

DEAR CINDY >> Try this dry powder combination: Mix equal parts of boric acid and flour or cornmeal, and some sugar. You can place it in a plastic lid or on paper plate, and put the mixture where roaches hide, which is usually dark places, behind the refrigerator, under the sink, but out of the reach of your dog. Roaches will walk through it and then ingest it when they groom their legs and feelers. Be sure there is no food on the counters or dirty dishes in the sink. These will attract insects.

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