Hints from Heloise: Try out these great suggestions

Dear Heloise >> The following hints are some responses and reactions to recently published ideas:

• Check your car’s engine light. A column ran recently about a lady having had problems with her 14-month-old car, and the check engine light was on. Assuming that the car was 14months old because she bought it new, I wonder why she did not take it back to the dealer.  One other hint is that some auto parts stores will check the check engine code for free. The loose gas cap problem is not uncommon.

• Smoke/CO2 detectors: Even those detectors with 10-year batteries should be tested a couple times a year by pressing the test button. I also suggest that the expiration date for the detector be marked on the detector itself. (The last one I bought had a label outside of the detector with the date it should be replaced.)

• Credit card wiping. It’s far more important and useful to sanitize one’s hands rather than wiping the credit or debit card.

• Wood utensils in the dishwasher. I’m the semi-official doer of the dishes in our house. I have put our wood utensils in the dishwasher all the time without any ill effects. They go upper rack. Our new dishwasher has a third rack on top just for utensils.

— Tim Davis, Kettering, Ohio

Dear Heloise >> With an old broom, you can gather tape rolls and keep them corralled by sliding them down the broom handle.

— Ann Grummert

Dear Heloise >> I highly suggest you mark your tire rims before taking your car in for service. You can number them, and then put a diagram in your pocket so you can check tosee if your tires were actually rotated during service.

Twice I’ve had to tell the service rep they did not rotate my tires! I pull out my diagram and say my tires are in the same position as they were when I brought the car in. They think women don’t pay attention! I love to see their surprised look. Then, insist they take back the car and rotate the tires immediately. You will most likely get a free spin.

— A Reader

Dear Heloise >> Steel wool always gets rusty after one use. Until I freezed it. Now, no rust.

— E. Rettig, Findlay, Ohio

Dear Heloise >> Tried and true for over 30 years of use, here’s how to be rid of fungalinfections and have sparkling white toenails using 30 volume hair peroxide. This bleachkills fungal infections and bleaches nails white.

First, trim nails. Then, add 30 volume hair peroxide to a small squeeze bottle. Using old towels, squirt the peroxide around and under nails. Use an orange wood stick, going around and under nails.

Reapply if needed, and then allow to sit for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry.

You can apply this as often as needed to kill fungus and whiten nails. Regular use even helps prevent fungal infections.

— Faye L. Cosma

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