House key comes in handy

Dear Heloise >> I am a senior citizen living by myself in Northern Indiana. Right now, we are in the middle of a blizzard. As a safety precaution, if I absolutely need to go outside on these cold days, I always make sure I have a house key in my coat pocket. One never knows when a lock could accidentally get turned on the way out the door. The results could be deadly. Stay safe.

— Michael Noll

Dear Heloise >> The reader from Kentucky has the right idea about scanning old photos. I took as many old family photos as I could find — the earliest being a photo of my great-grandmother who died in 1902 — dated them as best I could, printed them on album pages made of photo paper, and made a keepsake album for each of my two grandchildren. Of course, I also have all the photos and facsimile pages on my computer.

— Ellen

Dear Heloise >> I read your column every day in the Lima News. There recently was a letter from Pat Reeder about swallowing large pills. My dad had large pills to take as well, and we used apple butter. If apple sauce doesn’t agree, try apple butter instead. It always worked!

— Liz, in Ohio

Dear Heloise >> My sister and I have wireless car unlockers, and they contain a car key within it. On one edge, you will see a rectangle, on the rectangle a dot, the word push, and a T-shape.  Push the dot, then the other side, pull up the edge, and there is the key!

— Joyce Maurer, Reading, Pennsylvania

Dear Heloise >> Olive oil can go rancid if not stored properly or used in a timely manner.

It is cheaper to buy a large bottle, which stays in the refrigerator until needed. When removed for use, the lid stays on until the oil returns to liquid form at room temperature.  This prevents condensation from happening inside the bottle. I have never had any go bad in all the years I’ve done this. I keep small amounts out for daily use.

— S.T.

Dear Heloise >> My best friend/dog is a “Schnoodle,” half Poodle and half Mini Schnauzer.  He is 7 now, but he still acts like a puppy. I have many photos of him when he is groomed, all white and adorable. But one, taken after a trip to the dog park, is my all-time favorite. He has a grin that says: “I had so much fun, Mommy.”

— Jana Walsh, Phoenix

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