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MyZipMail is a patented, digital, postal platform combining the simplicity of the U.S. postal system with the power of social networking.  The difference between us and the others?  We are here to simply deliver the Zip-Mail, much like the post office exists to just deliver the mail.  We want to be something you use, and not something that uses you.


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Did you know your U.S. Postal Mailbox is the only legal place for advertisers to send you unsolicited offers many residents enjoy receiving?  Get your local news and offers by signing up for the MyZipMail website or newsletter.  Take us with you by downloading our Apple or Android Apps.  Save money at your favorite local businesses.


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Businesses are finding it difficult to impossible to get their message to potential customers due to the continual rise of postage.  Online advertising is time consuming, and has hidden complexities and pitfalls most business owners are unaware of until they find out the hard way.  MyZipMail handles all of that and more.  Call us at (888) 624-5547 and we will make it easy.  We are your one-stop-shop that will make your business hop.


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Community and businesses need each other.  Communities need a reliable, simple way to reach the Zip Codes they need.  Local shopkeepers need a place they can affordably reach their market.  Even though postal mail is STILL one of the most effective methods to reach people, it is also one of the most expensive.  Local newspapers are fading away, and email has its own problems resulting in few easy, non-technical choices for today's communities. Whether you are planning a group event, or promoting you side hustle, MyZipMail brings the best of all of it together on one platform.  Help us take off.


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