Question: How does the Donation Button work?
Answer: Your Privacy Matters and So Does Your Financial Future! Consider being an agent of change. By donating $1 to $12, you are joining the movement that says "I have a right to protection of my privacy" online. I want to help build a platform for real change in social media today. No more scams, no more breaches of my personal and/or financial information to be sold to the highest bidder. Your donation helps us to continue delivering exceptional features and service to you and the communities that this social platform was intended for.

Question: What is MyZipMail?
Answer: MyZipMail is a new, powerful social media platform based largely on geographic location. You can post private content to friends, other users, or groups. Public posts can be directed to a household, your neighborhood, or your Zip Code. Posts to city, county, state, country, or a specific targeted list can be done through our professional services department. Please see our contacts page for how to reach us about larger campaigns.

Question: What is a Zip Ad?
Answer: A Zip Ad is a way to promote a busniess. The Ad's will show up in the More Offers page (linked from Home Page) for the Zip Codes they were published to. When a user clicks on your Ad, you can either have it display the Ad Details Page, or redirect to another web page. We offer numerous services for custom needs such as direct mail or landing pages. Please contact us via our contacts page for more professional services.

Question: Is there a MyZipMail App?
Answer: YES! You can find MyZipMail in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

Question: How much does MyZipMail cost?
Answer: It is free to operate in your home Zip Code, or to post to your current location using the phone App. Be sure to check our Groups and Friends functions. For a fee, we can send ZipMails outside of your home Zip Code, or to a custom list of households. Please inquire via our Contacts Page for custom campaigns.

Question: Can I place ZipMails outside my zip code?
Answer: Yes. One way to do that is to use our Apple IOS Application. It will allow you to place the ZipMail to your current physical location, or in your home Zip Code. Another way to place a ZipMail outside your home Zip code is to contact us via our contact page. We can post to city, state, county, or to the entire USA. We offer promotional expertise and services. Please use our Contacts page and let us know how we can further assist with you needs.

Question: Is there a limit to how many ZipMails I can place per day?
Answer: To prevent spam our system limits to 30 ZipMails per day.

Question: Can I attach pictures to my ZipMails and Zip-Ads?
Answer: Yes. You can attach up to 6 images to any ZipMail or Zip-Ad. Other images can be embedded in the main body of a ZipMail or ZipAd. We offer professional services to assist with custom content creation at a reasonable price.

Question: Is my privacy protected while communicating through MyZipMail?
Answer: Yes. We use anonymous email to send messages back and forth between ZipMail authors and responders. Additionally, we require that anyone who wishes to respond to a ZipMail be a registered MyZipMail user. The only way that any of your personal information is revealed to another party, is if you include that information in any of your email correspondence. We do not reveal your name, or your physical address to the public. Only your alias can be seen by other so its a good idea not to use identifying information in your alias. Our Friends feature will show you contact information to users you have established a two-way friendship with.

Question: Can I use HTML tags in the body of a ZipMail.
Answer: Only site Admins can put HTML tags in a ZipMal. If you have a special campaign you needs contact us via our contacts page. Until then, any HTML tags will be rendered as plain text.