Question: What is My ZipMail?
Answer: My Zip Mail is a local trusted Communications platform, that allows individuals and businesses to share stuff. Examples include items for sale, community safety notices, neighborhood happenings, and local business promotions.

Question: How much does My Zip Mail cost?
Answer: To place a ZipMail in your local zip code is FREE. If you want to post in multiple zip codes then you must place a Zip-Ad. The cost of the Zip-Ad is determined by the number of days and the total number of zip codes.

Question: Can I place ZipMails outside my zip code?
Answer: You can only place ZipMails in the zip code that is attached to your profile. If you want to post outside your zip code, you must place a Zip-Ad which is a paid service.

Question: Is there a limit to how many ZipMails I can place per day?
Answer: To prevent spam our system allows you to place up to 30 ZipMails per day.

Question: Can I attach pictures to my ZipMails and Zip-Ads?
Answer: Yes. You can attach up to 5 images to any ZipMail or Zip-Ad.

Question: Is my privacy protected while communicating through My ZipMail?
Answer: Yes. We use anonymous email to send messages back and forth between ZipMail authors and responders. Additionally, we require that anyone who wishes to respond to a ZipMail be a registered My Zip Mail user. The only way that any of your personal information is revealed to another party, is if you include that information in any of your email correspondence.

Question: Can I use HTML tags in the body of a ZipMail.
Answer: No, not at this time. You can only use text in the body of a ZipMail, any HTML code will be rendered as plain text.

Question: How do I get my community name into the Home Page Community Name search box?
Answer: The community name can be assigned by the first registered user in the community who creates a ZipMail and enters the community name in the Community Name field.