Buy/Sell 24/7/365 Local Virtual Garage Sale on MyZipMail!


Get your neighbors talking on the MyZipMail website, Apple or Android Apps (see our Group features for this). 

Take  pictures or videos of things around the house and post them on MyZipMail.  Make sure to enter a price near the bottom of the Create ZipMail screen.  If you don't enter a price, the system doesn't know it is a For Sale item.  Even if the item is free, put $1 as the price.

You can also share your MZM post on Facebook or other sites using the social network buttons on the bottom of the page.  Print out cards with the URL of your ZipMail and hang them up in the neighborhood, or pass them out. 

Don't forget, not only is MZM your best choice for a social neighborhood network, but also your Friends, Family and News Network. 


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