Heloise: Child abuse prevention month

DEAR READERS» According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services (www.HHS.gov), April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Child abuse is defined, in part, as the physical, emotional and/or sexual mistreatment of a child by someone who has trust or power over the child.

Kids are our future, and we need to ensure they are raised and cared for in a safe, secure and, yes, disciplined but loving manner. Children for sure need guidance, rules and boundaries.

But if you get frustrated and to the end of your rope, hang on. There are solutions for you. Take a deep breath and reach out to a friend. Or call 211 or 311 for a referral to an agency that can help. Talk to your doctor.

Raising and caring for a child is difficult; no one is saying it’s easy. Kids don’t come with instruction manuals. But you, as the adult, have been assigned to look after the care and well-being of a youngster; it’s critical you get help if and when you need it.

Last week we defined what an electric funds transfer (EFT) is. Now let’s define Regulation E. Regulation E establishes your rights as a consumer when it comes to these transfers.

Do your part as a customer. Review your bank statement with an eye on debit card purchases. Notice a discrepancy? Call your financial institution ASAP. They must do the research. Come to the phone prepared with the type, dollar amount and date of the transaction you are disputing. The financial institution must resolve the dispute within 45 days.

There’s more to Reg. E than we can cover here.

Ask your financial institution’s manager for help, and read all disclosures that come with your debit card.

DEAR HELOISE » Are restaurants enforcing dress codes anymore these days?

— Harlan F. in Louisiana

DEAR HARLAN» Dress codes have seemingly relaxed over the past several years. Safe rule of thumb? The pricier the place, the dressier you should be. A jacket and tie should be de rigueur.

More important? The restaurant’s mask mandate. Follow what they would like you to do regarding wearing a mask in the fight against COVID- 19.

DEAR HELOISE » When in the course of an argument with someone, oftentimes, I will just let the other person win, even if I know I’m right. The level of stress is not worth it, and things will work themselves out.

— Janet Y. in Pennsylvania

DEAR READERS» Where are my seamstresses and dressmakers? Cut your fabrics on the bias? Then you know: in order to have materials drape on the body, a cut along the bias is necessary. That is to say, a 45 degree angled cut on woven material — that is a bias cut.

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