Hints from Heloise: Beware of social media ripoffs

DEAR HELOISE >> I saw an ad for a cat tree on a social media site, and since the price was so good (in fact, TOO GOOD!), I decided to buy it. Even at a bargain price it still wasn’t cheap, but the picture looked so nice that I decided to splurge. About a month later it arrived. Instead of a cat tree that my pets could use, it was the size of dollhouse furniture. It was less than 3 inches tall! I had just paid nearly $70 for a useless knickknack. When I contacted them, I was told that the ad did not lie (no dimensions were given in the ad) and that if I assumed it was a full-sized cat tree that was my fault! Then they refused to refund my money, and within a week they closed down their site and were gone.

I know nothing can be done now, but I’ve learned my lesson. Buy with a credit card, not a check or gift card. Read the ad very carefully, and if it seems too good to be true, it’s probably a scam.

Don’t buy on social media, and investigate the company by typing in the name of the company with the word “scam” and/ or “fraud” and see what pops up.

— Ellen J., Fresno

DEAR ELLEN >> We received a number of letters much like yours.

Readers, please research a company and their products very carefully before ordering online.

DEAR HELOISE >> Nearly a week ago I got a call from someone claiming to be from my utility company. They claimed that I was behind on my electric bill and someone would be out to disconnect my electricity unless I paid them by debit card or credit card then and there. I knew I was up to date on all my bills and owed no one a dime. I figured it was a scam, and sure enough it was.

I hung up on them after a few choice words. Apparently, these low-life scammers are calling people all over the country. So please ask your readers to be aware of this latest scam and not to pay them.

— Joseph A., Temple, Texas

DEAR HELOISE >> I have several lovely watches I wear with various outfits. To keep the batteries from running down sooner than they should, I just pull out the stem and place it in a drawer when not in use.

— Valerie N., Arden Hills, Minnesota

DEAR HELOISE >> I found that if I use a pair of needle-nose pliers in my left hand to hold a nail while I hammer it into the wall with my right hand, I can save myself from hitting one of my fingers or my thumb.

The last time I tried to hold a nail while hammering it I hit my thumb and my nail turned black!

I love reading your column in the San Antonio Express-News.

— Anne T., San Antonio, Texas

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