Hints from Heloise: Caroline’s Carts ease shopping.

Dear Heloise >> I recently read about an elderly lady, who wished shopping carts were available near accessible parking spots. I wish more stores would invest in Caroline’s carts.  These are shopping carts that allow an adult with a mobility issue to sit in a chair facing the operator. It is impossible to push a wheelchair and shopping cart at the same time. This cart allows the wheelchair user to shop with a helper.

The reason I shop at my grocery store is because they have this available. It would benefit other retail stores to implement them.

— Chris Marchand, Manchester, New Hampshire

Dear Heloise >> I love your hints, and have followed you for years! For those who have trouble swallowing pills, try this hint: Take a big sip of water, but don’t swallow! Now, put the pill in — it seems to “float” — and you don’t notice it as much. Then, swallow, and it should go down easier.

— Karen Sinn

Dear Heloise >> I’ve always read your column in our daily paper and used so many of your hints. Here are a few of mine that save time and money!

After washing the towels (both kitchen and bath), I rotate them when I put them away. That way, they will all wear out at about the same time. When “white sales” come along, I find the best buy and replace them all at once at an acceptable cost. The old towels are now used to wash cars and for other chores. Think of them as disposable rags — at no cost to you.

I also rotate my daily dinner dishes. After so many times of using steak knives or other knives on the plates, they begin to show their age. When the time comes, they will all need to be replaced at about the same time. You won’t end up with just a few plates to replace.  (And good luck trying to do that!) Treat yourself to a new set when they go on sale! I rotate anything I can. It works wonders!

Another hint is to use a “binder clip” at the end of your toothpaste tube. It makes it easy to squeeze the toothpaste up to the opening and keep it there. Just roll the tube up and keep placing on the clip as the toothpaste is being used. Thanks for all your hints!

— A Reader

Dear Heloise >> I read your column daily in the Pasadena Star-News. I recently was scouring my kitchen counter grout and realized my electric toothbrush would make a great tool. I used your hint of baking soda, peroxide and a little dish soap to remove a coffee stain that had been in the grout forever. Worked like magic! Thank you for all your helpful hints.

— Stephanie Loew, Pasadena

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