Hints from Heloise: Cellphones grab the attention

Dear Heloise >> After reading “Doesn’t Compute” from a previous column, I just couldn’t help writing to you for the first time ever. When we visit a couple of our all-time best friends, they often say, “Let’s watch some TV after eating dinner.” They bring up a station with a good show or movie, and we settle down to watch. Within minutes, I realize I’m watching the program by myself. All I see is the top of their heads looking down.

My friends, including my wife, are intently absorbed with their cell phones — without even thinking about watching the TV — for hours on end. Sometimes, I get up and go to another room to read a book, and I don’t think they’ve ever noticed. I cannot possibly even comprehend what content must be on those cellphones to hold their attention so intensely for so long. Yes, I’m quite old, but so are they.

— Mr. Lonely

Dear Heloise >> Oh dear, I am dating myself, but I want to share a great tip I got from your mother. When sending cards to people in the hospital, use their home address for the return address, not yours. That way, if they should be sent home sooner than anticipated, they still get the card returned to them!

— Berne Mitton

Dear Heloise >> A reader recently wrote in discussing how grease and other substances can clog sewer systems. I keep a large empty cottage cheese container in my freezer. When I have grease to dispose of, I let it cool a bit and pour it into the cottage cheese container, which I then put back in the freezer. When the container is full, I simply run the sides of it in hot water for a minute to get the grease out before disposing it.

— Deborah Prusik, Laguna Niguel

Dear Heloise >> Most people like to donate their unwanted items to charity, but in what condition? Would you want a sweet child or anyone to receive something with stains on it?  Before I donate anything, I make sure it is clean and remove all the stains that I can.

Did you know that WD-40 removes black marks on the rubber of white tennis shoes?  Stuffed animals can be washed with a load of towels and come out looking like new. Thank you so much!

— Judy Martin

Dear Heloise >> JoAnn H. from Los Angeles was right that it does take time and commitment to lose weight, but one should never say “no” to that cinnamon roll. When one deprives oneself of a little treat now and then, it increases the cravings. It doesn’t hurt to have a small treat once in a while. Been there, done that.

— L.W.

Dear Heloise >> To easily remove coffee or tea stains from cups and pots, scour the areas with a wet S.O.S pad, and then wash as usual.

— Patricia Diaz, Sun City

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