Hints from Heloise: Don’t abandon your animals

Dear Heloise >> According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, about 6.3 million animals end up at animal shelters every year. Nationwide, roughly 920,000 animals are euthanized. Sadly, nine out of 10 of these healthy animals were adoptable. Did you know that about 57% of euthanized animals are unweaned kittens? And pit bulls have little or no chance of being adopted because about 93% are euthanized.  About 85% to 95% of lab animals are not protected by animal rights laws. The cost to Americans for animal control and euthanizing these beautiful creatures is $1.5 billion annually.

There is a solution to this tragic problem. First, spay and neuter your pets. The world does not need more stray cats and dogs. Second, remember when you adopt an animal, it’s for the life of the pet. Don’t take an animal into a shelter because it’s gotten older. Take care of the animal, or don’t adopt one in the first place.

We see too many people who bring in a senior pet and want to replace it with a younger animal. These are living creatures who know when they’ve been abandoned. We’re now seeing even more animals who once had a home but were selfishly dumped on the streets or on some country road when the owners got tired of the animal. A domesticated animal cannot fend for itself, nor should it have to.

A dog or cat can be a companion, a loving pet when the rest of the world is not as kind. They would never abandon you, so please don’t abandon them.

— J.D., animal shelter volunteer, in California

Heloise writes >> Thinking of spring on a chilly winter day? Prepare for warmer days ahead:

• Plan which plants to put in your yard or which ones you’ll replace.

• Organize your closets and drawers, tossing out junk and clutter.

• Need any gardening tools? Look for sales on these items in hardware stores.

• Planning to repaint a room or house trim? Get paint swatches and see how they look in your home.

Dear Heloise >> My pearls have slightly changed color, so I’d like to know how to whiten them and keep them in good shape.

— Joanna H., Springfield, Illinois

Dear Joanna >> Use a soft cloth dipped in water with a little shampoo in it and gently clean each pearl. Then quickly run the entire strand under the running water from the faucet to make certain all the soap is rinsed off. Dry with another clean cloth. Store your pearls flat rather than hanging them.

Pearls will change color over time due to body oils, perspiration and heat. Many older white pearls take on a creamy color over time. If your pearls are older, you may want to consider having them strung again. Be sure to ask the jeweler to knot the strand between each pearl.  If your strand should happen to break, you might lose one pearl, but not any more than that with a knotted strand.

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