Hints from Heloise: Don’t forget to check the manual

Dear Heloise >> I thought you should know that I just bought a new range with a convection oven (an LG), and the manual specifically cautions not to put foil in the bottom for spills, as it will interfere with the heating and damage the surface. Thank you for all your great advice! — Dick Campbell, Hewitt, Texas

Dear Dick >> I’m happy to help! Readers, make sure to check the manual that comes with your appliance and follow the recommendations before using it. Dear Heloise >> I use a paper clip to mark my place while reading. It never falls off or out, and it doesn’t damage the book. — B.B.

Dear Heloise >> I read your hint about clean coffeepots making the “best coffee,” and I would like to suggest an alternative. I have been using a one-cup system for some time and find it very useful. I can make my own custom blend using available accessories and store bought products as well. You should consider this alternative product some time. Thanks for all of your hints over the years! — John D. Mitchell

Dear Heloise >> I read a hint in a recent column about dangerous driving, and I wanted to add that it annoys me when I watch a movie or a TV show where the driver turns to talk to his passenger. Sometimes this lasts for quite a while, and the driver is not watching the road.  Also, many times in the car, they are not wearing seat belts. — C. Leheny

Dear Heloise >> We used to have a wonderful border collie named Molly. She was always with us no matter where we were in the house, usually lying right in the middle of things. When Mom got older and was no longer steady on her feet, we became concerned that she might trip over Molly. So, what was there to do? Getting rid of her (the dog, that is) was not an option. I found a piece of carpet about Molly’s size and placed it under the dining room table. I only had to show her once to go under the table. She was delighted with her soft, new bed. Now when the family was around, she would stick her head and front paws out to be with us, but wouldn’t be in the way. Mom was safe, and our dog was happy. 

Dear Heloise >> This is in response to the recent letter about yard sales. If you don’t have an assistant or a cashbox, try a fanny pack (turned around to the front, of course!) and keep all of your cash and coins there. Then you can circulate the sale and help out customers. If you’re selling clothing, prop up a full-length mirror against a tree or in another shady location for people to do a quick try-on. Thanks for all that you do! — Patty, in Virginia

Write to Heloise at P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279-5000; Fax 210-HELOISE; or email Heloise@Heloise.com.

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