Hints from Heloise: Enjoy the beauty of the season

DEAR HELOISE >> I know Black Friday isn’t here just yet. However, with the supply chain slowing down right now, people are eager to make their holiday purchases earlier than usual. I understand this, but last weekend while I was shopping I saw two women fighting over a toy. It was the last one left of its kind, and they both claimed they saw it first.

A shouting match ensued.  Is that the holiday spirit?

Christmas and Thanksgiving are about more than receiving gifts and eating a huge meal. It’s not even the reason so many people celebrate the holidays. I was shocked and saddened by this display of greed. I wish everyone would just calm down and enjoy the beauty of the season and the chance to be with our loved ones. This is, after all, a very special time of year to be shared by people all over the world.

— Joseph F., Buffalo, N.Y.

DEAR HELOISE >> Here are some additional uses for sand:

• Use on walkways and stairs instead of salt.

• Clean up liquid spills with sand.

• Put some in a paper bag and place a votive candle in it.

• Use to help thin out clay soil when planting.

DEAR HELOISE >> My washing machine used to have a terrible odor. When a repairman was here he told me to keep the washer (front loader) door slightly ajar, and I wouldn’t have an odor in my washer. Sure enough, he was right. I put an old dish towel between the door and the washer, and it allows air to circulate inside. No more odor.

— Tracy L., Shawnee, Oklahoma

DEAR HELOISE >> My friends and I have keys to each other’s homes and condos. This is in case we need to help our friend or bring something to them. After a while it got very confusing which key belonged to

which residence! We solved that problem by getting new keys made in either different colors or with a picture on it. This makes it easier, because I know that one person loves pink and her key is pink. Another loves dogs and she has a dog on her key.

No more fumbling in an emergency!

— Jean W., Jackson, Mississippi

DEAR HELOISE >> About fur coats, maybe your mother’s, find an expert in sewing and have them make a teddy bear out of it. This way you will always have a keepsake and a fond reminder of the person who owned the coat before.

— Lynn C., Fort Wayne, Indiana Lynn, if the coat is out of style or has been heavily worn by a former owner, or the new owner does not wear animal furs, this is a nice way to still keep the memories attached to the item.

DEAR HELOISE >> I simply cannot afford to look good. How do I update a wardrobe?

— Sandy T., Fresno, California

Sandy, many fashion models shop vintage and secondhand stores. It’s all in how you put your look together. Be original and creative.

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