Hints from Heloise: Follow the colorful lights.

Dear Heloise >> My street isn’t really well-lit, and in the dark, it’s often hard for people to see the house numbers. To make it easier for people to find me, I use green light bulbs in the porch light so I can tell them to go to the house with the green (or sometimes blue) light. Believe me, it’s saved a lot of people from getting lost.

— Ellen W., Watertown, South Dakota

Dear Ellen >> That is a very clever idea, especially with so many people having holiday parties during this time of year. It can save a lot of people from ending up at the wrong address — and wondering who all those other people are!

Dear Heloise >> More times than I can count, I’ve left my watch, cell phone, glasses, etc., in a dressing room and walked off. Now, I put everything in my shoes while I’m changing, and that way, I won’t be able to forget things in the dressing room anymore.

— Mary-Anne K., Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear Heloise >> I have a long notepad on the side of my refrigerator, which is held there by a magnet, and when I realize I’m out of something, I write it down on my notepad. When Igo to the grocery store, I always take the list with me. Now, I no longer forget to pick up more milk, bread, cat food or coffee!

— Linda A., Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dear Heloise >> My niece was getting married, and she wanted something to put under an antique glass dome. So, she asked if she could have some of the beautiful buttons I had collected over the years. She made an unusual, but stunning bridal bouquet out of them, which she carried on her wedding day, and now rests under her antique glass dome. Three of the buttons came from her great grandmother’s wedding gown, one came from the blue suit her grandmother was married in, and two more came from the era of the Civil War.  There were a total of 48 buttons in all. It’s a novel conversation starter and a very pretty addition to her home.

— Joan R., Lafayette, Louisiana

Dear Heloise >> A pickpocket took my wallet a few years ago, and it taught me a lesson: First, men should place a rubber band around their wallets. It’s harder to get it out of a pocket that way. Always carry your wallet in a front pocket, if possible. It’s just too easy for a pickpocket if the wallet is in a back pocket.

— Walter D., Aberdeen, Washington

Dear Heloise >> While traveling through Amish country in Pennsylvania, I discovered away to polish leather that works wonders, and keeps leather very soft and in good shape: whole milk!

I use a microfiber cloth and use a little bit of whole milk at a time to polish my shoes and belts. I work it in carefully, usually while I’m watching a movie, and in no time, I’ve got all my shoes polished and looking nice.

— A Reader

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