Hints from Heloise: Keep a list of your medications

Dear Heloise >> I saw your hint suggesting that people should keep a list of their meds with them. I do so, and every time I see a doctor (which is frequently at my age of 81), that list saves me a ton of frustration. I keep my list on my computer and easily update it every time there is a change.

I include the name and dosage of the medication, the doctor who prescribed it, time of day I take it and what it is for. I include over-the-counter meds and supplements, i.e., everything I take. On the back, I keep a list of my hospitalizations and immunizations. My list is easily maintained and keeps me from having to remember everything I take off the top of my head. When asked, I just hand them my list.

— Theodore R., Corona

Dear Heloise >> I am a lefty who uses good rubber gloves when washing dishes. Inevitably, my left glove seemed to spring a leak, while my right glove remained in good shape. This added up to a good amount of lonely right gloves. My solution was to turn a right glove inside out and sprinkle a bit of baby powder inside to help it slide on easier. Voila, I had anew left glove to use!

— Anita Kowalski, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Dear Heloise >> I read your column every day in the Colorado Springs Gazette and find your hints very useful! I would love to contribute something that you and your readers may find helpful. It’s easy to leave behind a purse or bag while eating out. I now have a carabiner on my key ring so I can clip my keys onto the handle of a purse. That way, both my wife and I are careful to keep track of the purse so we do not drive home and leave it behind in a restaurant.

— Jeff, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dear Heloise >> This scam was just attempted with me. I received a text from someone who had the wrong number. I let them know by replying, and they continued to engage with me. Shortly after, “she” wanted to exchange pictures and get to know each other. Ding, ding, ding! I immediately said, “No,” deleted the conversation and blocked the number. If it weren’t for your column, I might have fallen for it, as I love getting to know new people. Thanks for helping keep people safe.

— Beverly Gibb

Dear Heloise >> I just discovered something new, and I’m passing it on, since it may be helpful to others. I made hard-boiled eggs, refrigerated them and started peeling the shells the following day. The first two that I tried to peel were so difficult that half of the egg was lost. Then, I peeled the others under some running water, which made it so easy. So, in the future, I will crack them and peel them under running water! I enjoy reading your column.

— Margie

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