Hints from Heloise: Make a baking soda shaker

Dear Heloise >> I purchased a glass shaker at my local store. These are the shakers you see on your table in Italian restaurants for shaking out Parmesan cheese or crushed red pepper. The holes on top are ideal for distributing just enough baking soda to freshen litter after scooping. I have found this method much easier than shaking baking soda from the open end of the box. It also avoids large lumps in the box that block the exit.

I also repurpose the bowls of baking soda that I use to freshen my microwave and dishwasher each month by pouring them into the shaker.

At the same store, I purchased a long-handled plastic spoon, with holes in the bowl, to use as a litter scoop. They are much more sturdy than the style sold in the pet supply area in the supermarket that easily snap, and they only cost a buck. This spoon has lasted for years without breaking. I read your helpful hint column daily in the Lima News.

— Jack Bevilockway, Lima, Ohio

Dear Heloise >> I’ve just made a slaw using grated zucchini and a dressing of oil and vinegar. I didn’t make a large amount, just a pile of the grated veggie on my plate. I like it. It’s another way to get rid of that prolific veggie.

— C.M.

Dear Heloise >> Here’s a tip to help finicky dogs eat. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of unsalted cooking broth to their kibble. Beef, chicken, pork or bone broth will do. They’ll love it! Also, add cold water from the fridge to their drinking bowls. This helps keep them cool during hot weather. A used 2-liter bottle is ideal for this.

— Ron Plauche, Louisiana

Dear Heloise >> I hate washing the lid of my food processor after I use it. So, my hint is:

I cover the bowl with a piece of waxed paper and put the lid on before I turn on the processor. That way, the food inside does not get on the lid, it gets on the paper instead. I enjoy reading your column in the State Journal-Register.

— C. Adams, Springfield, Illinois

Dear Heloise >> A typical smoke detector has a life span of 10 years. I agree that you need to change the battery once a year. The manufacture date of the detector is on the back of the unit.

Also, if your detector goes off, and there is no reason for it to do so because the battery is still within the one-year period, you may have a dust buildup, causing the detector to give false responses. You can use a can of pressurized air to gently blow out any dust that maybe on the sensor.

— Doyle Hansel

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