Hints from Heloise: Phone stores important info

Dear Heloise >> A few days ago, I read a hint in your column about always carrying your prescription information in case of an emergency. I made a sheet with my husband’s info (including his list of medications and surgical history), and I took a picture of it. I also took a picture of our passports, driver’s licenses, and medical insurance cards. This way, they’re all in my phone and always with me. I don’t carry a purse, but I always have my phone.

Thanks for all that you do!

-- Mary Vaughan, Leesburg, Florida

Dear Heloise >> A recent letter in your column about using toothpicks/straws to keep clear wrap from touching cupcakes reminded me of something similar. If you bake a two- or three-layer cake and find that the layers move when iced, try this:

Place several straight pretzels down through the cake layers to secure them. They are safer than toothpicks.

-- D. Hansel, in Houston

Dear Heloise >> For those of you who have little drawers in your washing machine for softener and/or detergent, these drawers need to be taken out, taken apart and scrubbed. You will be surprised at how dirty they get, sometimes even moldy. I put mine through the dishwasher.

-- Jean Milici, via email

Dear Heloise >> While recently touring the extensive collection at the Genealogy Center at our local library, I learned that they will accept any high school or college yearbook from across the nation. They are on display to help anyone who is searching for their family ancestry.

Anyone doing research can visit the archives — no library card required. Books that are just collecting dust on a shelf can be mailed to: The Genealogy Center at Allen County Public Library, P.O. Box 2270, Fort Wayne, IN 46801.

-- Cathy Falk, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Dear Heloise >> Another way you can help the local animal shelter is to donate your newspapers. The staff needs the newspapers to keep the temporary animal homes sanitary and clean. I collect them from friends and neighbors, and every so often, I make a trip to the shelter. Each time, an animal officer comes out to help me unload the newspapers. They are more than thankful.

Fewer people subscribe to actual newspapers, so the shelter is facing a shortage. We need a great outreach to help animals who are waiting for their new home.

-- Sue Knapp, Quartz Hill

Dear Heloise >> I have a suggestion for preserving pictures or even contracts: I scan and save them on my computer to preserve them. When I sign a receipt for work done in my home, I also scan the top white page and print it for my files.

Switching the subject, I have a complaint about the pull tabs on cans. At 87, I find it difficult to open them. A lot of the cans can’t even be opened with a can opener, and I recently cut my hand on one. They are not user-friendly.

-- M.J., in New Hampshire

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