Hints from Heloise: Pin cushion hint for buttons.

Dear Heloise >> Years ago, when I discovered a loose button on a garment, or found a missing button on the floor in the house, I never had a consistent place to leave it until I was ready to sew it back onto the garment that it came from. I would often lay it on a shelf in one room or another, or pin it on several pincushions that I already had around the house.

Suddenly, I got an idea: Dedicate one pin cushion solely for lost buttons.

So, now, anyone in the family had a chance of finding their lost button on the special pincushion.

— Priscilla Zanni, Vancouver, Canada

Dear Heloise >> Here’s a traveling tip — I always take my own pillowcase. It takes up very little room in the suitcase. You can also place folded items inside the pillowcase for protection. I then place it on the hotel pillow. I feel that a “little bit of home” is with me, and I avoid the bleached, rough and possibly soiled hotel pillowcases!

— Linda Koenig, Placentia,

Dear Heloise >> I often have difficulty placing screw-on lids back onto jars. I found that if I turn the lid in the opposite direction for a turn or two, I can feel the threads set, and then I reverse the direction to easily close the lid. Often, it is the simplest of things that make life a little easier. Thank you for all you do to make this so.

— Cammy Ferguson, Benton, Arkansas

Dear Heloise >> Please don’t rule out using newspaper bags. I collect them and use them to pick up after my dogs, so I don’t have to buy new bags to throw away. The newspaper bags are going in the trash anyway, so why not use them for things like that? I also have friends who use them when they clean their cat’s litter box.

— Julia Fromkin, Leesburg, Florida

Dear Heloise >> I like to pair Twinkies with strawberries rather than cake or shells. That way, you can still enjoy “cake” with them and also have whipped cream in the middle.  Guests love it.

— Jean Smothers, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Dear Heloise >> Under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, place tote lids face up. They can catch drips and spills, and prevent staining the under-sink area. They’re easy to pull out, and you can rinse them in the shower. Plus, you don’t have to crawl in under the sink to clean.

Also, you can place one on the floor of a coat closet so that wet shoes or dirty boots do not mess up the flooring.

— Jane Simbro, Altoona, Iowa

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