Hints from Heloise: Reducing Holiday Stress

DEAR READERS >> With the holidays approaching, getting ready for all the events and activities can be stressful. Here are some hints to help reduce all that stress. Get every family member involved and plan ahead.

Use your computer to create guest lists, shopping lists, menus and recipes. You can also print out homemade invitations and email photos after all of the festivities.

Use old family wreaths or home-made decorations, instead of buying new ones. To help save money, use the fall and winter bounty, like leaves, pumpkins, gourds and grapevines for centerpieces.

Have your children help create table decorations, like place cards and centerpieces. Have them set the table and help you in the kitchen, too. And they can make wonderful homemade gifts that will be appreciated by family members.

To prevent a mess in the kitchen, try to clean up as you cook. And enjoy!

DEAR HELOISE >> Some 70 years ago, I had the best tuna salad sandwich and asked how it was made. I’ve known several people, including my dad and a cousin, who said they never liked tuna salad until they ate this one. The ingredients: 1 drained can of tuna (preferably with water), 12 crushed soda crackers, 1 tablespoon of chopped onion, 1 tablespoon of sweet relish and mayonnaise to suit.

P.S.: I’m on a roll and wanted to just let you know my reaction to one of your recipes. I heard many say how much they liked your cheese soup.

I couldn’t understand why anyone would like a bowl of melted cheese. It sounded horrible. But a few weeks ago you posted the recipe and I read it.

Wow! So I made it and wow again! It was so good.

— Betty Imperato

DEAR READERS >> During the holiday season, candles provide a lovely, beautiful glow all around your home. They are part of the festive ambiance for all your family gatherings and parties. But it’s not safe to leave a burning candle behind in a room for any period of time. It’s so easy for a dog or child to tip it over and start a fire, which could spread quickly. To help remind you during a party, set a timer, and when it rings, you can check on the candle. And before you go to bed, make sure that all candles are extinguished.

DEAR HELOISE >> I enjoy your column in The Daily Bulletin. Our upstairs bathroom was flooded last weekend. The plastic nut that attaches the hose from the wall to the bottom of the toilet tank cracked, resulting in more drenching through the garage drywall ceiling. Thank God we were home. Consider replacing all plastic nuts and couplings with metal pieces if your equipment is several years old. Also, consider shutting off all valves to all water lines if you know you’ll be away for a while.

— D.G., Chino Hills, California D.G., we all learn from household disasters like these. So it’s prudent to check your bathroom/toilet area carefully and often to be sure that everything is in good operating condition.

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