Hints from Heloise: Skip a step to save on energy

Dear Heloise >> Wondering how to save on energy and electric bills with your dish washer? Skip the dry cycle. Instead, as the final rinse cycle is over, immediately open the door and pull the top rack out. Shake it to get rid of excess water and wipe, or pour off, water collected on top of the bottoms of cups and glasses.

Then, lower the rack. If the items are still hot enough from the final rinse, they will dry in the air very quickly, with even less water spots than when they’re usually sent through the dry cycle — especially because you shook most of the droplets off. Once dry, just put everything away for future use. Then, you can start refilling the dishwasher with the next load of used dishes and flat ware as they accrue.

— Harvey Versteeg, Augusta, Maine

Dear Heloise >> Before assembling furniture items, I place the small parts in an ice cube tray or egg carton in the order they are listed in the instructions. This makes it easier to find the correct parts when needed.

— Barbara Griffith, Houston

Dear Heloise >> I dislike putting events on my cell phone’s calendar, because it’s not as visually present as my wall calendar. But, I needed dates sometimes while I was out and about. So, I took a picture of the calendar on my phone camera. Now, I have it when I need it.

Also, I was having trouble finding the button on my steering wheel to answer incoming phone calls while I was driving. So, I cut a small piece of adhesive-backed Velcro and stuck it onto the spot. Now, I can feel it quickly and never take my eyes off the road.

— Grandma who’s adjusting to the modern world, New Hampshire

Dear Heloise >> I am downsizing, so I had many wine glasses to dispose of. I boxed them up and gave them to my local liquor-store owner so she can give them away with sales of wine. I read your column each day in the Republican-American, which is published in Waterbury, Connecticut.

— Carolyn McDonough, Canaan, Connecticut

Dear Heloise >> I dump new boxes of strawberries into a bowl of water with about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar, and soak them for about an hour. Then, drain and layer between paper towel strips in the original box and refrigerate them. Rinse before eating. This keeps them fresher for longer.

— Jo Ann Michetti

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