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Fast, Easy, Secure digital delivery of personal and business information in one place to everyplace nationwide.

Every One, Every Business is already a Member! Have you checked your ZipMail box yet? You have one!


 MyZipMail: a Digital Postal System, based on a social media platform, which NOW sends ZipMails (the next generation email) to any address in the USA in one Virtual Envelope,including: YouTube videos, Pictures, PDF files, Google Maps, e-magazines, e-catalogs, etc.,Connecting Communities through, Neighborhood Watch, Virtual Garage sales, and Community Watchdog.


Engage NOW! Take BACK your PRIVACY! This electronic Social Postal network (eSPn), ALL-in-ONE, network  to connect to anyone in the USA using Apple, Android and WEB.

A new, much anticipated, patented technology providing a trusted alternative to controversial social networks, while also digitizing traditional postal mail, newspapers, catalogs, magazines into one powerful Omnichannel marketing platform strategy, in a multi-channel world. 

MyZipMail (MZM) integrates video, graphics, texts, and documents into a single post making it easy to safely stay in touch with friends, family, and neighbors. 

Please help us support and grow your new platform using neighborhood watch, virtual garage sales and watchdog community connect.


Why MZM?

There are many reasons why MZM is a new option in digital communications. The unauthorized compiling and sharing of personal information by some networks, the questionable parameters for deleting, banning and censoring users, the concentrated power in a handful of internet companies, and a mistrust of mainstream media promoting fake news, just to name a few reasons. Many people have been clamoring for the creation of new companies to compete against today's social networks, but it is an expensive, highly technical and time consuming journey. But great news, it was worth the effort and the wait. 

Welcome MZM, a new trusted fair and balanced network!

Who is the person behind MZM?

HAVRILUK hears a Who!

George Havriluk was born in a small town near Munich, Germany. He immigrated to the U.S., on a boat landing on ELLIS ISLAND, with his parents to pursue their dream of citizenship. Havriluk and his family settled in Pittsburgh where he attained degrees in Mathematics & Psychology, on an academic and football scholarship, at the University of Pittsburgh, before making his way to California in 1975.

From 1979 to 1990, Havriluk, realized his entrepreneurial aspirations by launching, developing and selling Val-Pak Los Angeles, a nationally known coupon co-op direct mail company. In 1993 he purchased American Mailing, Printing, List Service (AMPLS). Along the way, he merged eight companies into one to provide a variety of print, mail, and bindery services. Recently Havriluk, invented his unique Electronic Social Postal Network, US Patent # 8,862,701 and Registered# 5,573,864, which he has branded MyZipMail (MZM), a patented technology, providing a trusted alternative to social networks, while also digitizing traditional postal mail and newspapers into one powerful Omnichannel marketing platform strategy, in a multi-channel world. 

Havriluk's entrepreneurial dream included creating a workplace where his employees would feel valued. He prides himself on putting his employees first over profit. "I don't love money and use people, I use money and love people," said Havriluk. "This mindset translates into loyalty." Many of Havriluk's 30 employees have been with the company for more than 20 years. Being a family man, he raised three daughters into great adults and adopted two orphaned infants, a son and daughter, now awesome teens. He coached kid teams and worked with communities. 

Finally, His favorite Rule for people here and worldwide is one simple thing, called The Golden Rule: "Treat others the way you would like to be treated!"

AMPLS / MZM was selected from 24,000 businesses and honored, by the city of Anaheim, in the March 2019 Business Newsletter, read the full page featured story below.

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 George Havriluk


Chief Executive Officer

Other in-depth information about MZM

See AMPLS/MZM Featured in Anaheim Business Newsletter, March 2019

What Can You Do With MyZipMail?

The Power of OmniChannel with Direct Mail


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Matt Cluff, 3/29/2019 9:56:32 AM
Great to meet you today George! I'm getting the hang of the website and we look forward to working with you in the future. ~Matt Cluff
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