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National NewsAt least nine U.S. citizens, including six children, who live in the Mexican border state of Sonora were killed in a shooting attack Monday National News Nov 05
National NewsWhat’s up with Fox News? Another Trump impeachment poll oversampled Dem voters by a LOT National News Nov 05
McDonald’s Fires CEO Steve Easterbrook Over Relationship With Employee National News Nov 04
National NewsRussian company creating robot clones of real people National News Nov 04
Rep. Ronna McDaniel: Democrats’ sham resolution lets Schiff veto Republican witnesses and kick Donald Trump ’s attorneys out of the room National News Nov 04
National News“Over 1,000” commit lives to Christ at Kanye West’s Sunday Service in Baton Rouge: pastor National News Nov 04
National NewsFOX NEWS POLL: Nearly half of voters want Trump impeached and removed from office National News Nov 03
Impeachment Resolution is a “Coup Resolution”—Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton – And… Obama Knew! National News Nov 03
How much will Jeff Bezos pay under Elizabeth Warren's Medicare-for-all tax plan? National News Nov 02
Video: Dan Bongino: Pelosi and the Democrats keep digging themselves into a deeper hole National News Nov 02
National NewsLiberty Vittert: It's time to get rid of daylight saving time once and for all National News Nov 02
US wind energy capacity is now more than 100 gigawatts National News Nov 01
McCabe and Brennan say they are willing to cooperate with Durham National News Nov 01
National NewsOctober job growth soars past Wall Street's expectations National News Nov 01
Social Media: Twitter to ban all political ads, CEO says National News Oct 31
National NewsHouse approves impeachment inquiry rules after fiery floor debate National News Oct 31
Veterans want answers as new data shows rise in cancers over two decades of war National News Oct 31
National NewsWashington Nationals make road-win history, capture 1st World Series title National News Oct 31
Lou Dobbs, Tom Fitton discuss the upcoming House vote on the impeachment probe National News Oct 31
National NewsWho could be in Durham’s investigative crosshairs? Obama-era figures have reason to sweat National News Oct 30